Workshop Training

Our Monday training will include the following half-day sessions:

Beginning ArcGIS Online – This workshop introduces web maps, apps, and other authoritative content that may be available through your ArcGIS Online organizational site. You will see how this content helps you infuse your projects with geographic context, additional business intelligence, and visual impact.

ArcGIS Online & Field Apps – Learn how to use ArcGIS Apps to help plan, coordinate, run, and monitor field operations. In this session, presenters demonstrate how ArcGIS Apps (Collector, Survey123, Explorer, Operations Dashboard) work together to optimize fieldwork.

NEI offers a half-day workshop:

NEI – This half-day workshop on Monday afternoon, March 18, will allow users to better understand why high-accuracy GPS collection is important and introduce different Trimble GPS receivers and data collectors as well the different software workflows. This will be a hands-on workshop where we will look at the equipment and workflows outside in the “real world.”  Bring your smart phone to use with downloadable apps provided by NEI.


When you register for the workshop, check the box for the training you wish to attend. Preregistration is required for the Monday training. The ArcGIS Online classes are limited to 20 participants due to classroom capacity.  Plan to use your own ArcGIS Online user ID and password so the items you create will be saved in your account.  A class account will be provided if you do not have an ArcGIS Online account.

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